All the Changes in Fortnite 14.10 Update Reportedly Revealed

September 9, 2020 5:03 pm

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 brought the world of Marvel to the Fortnite island. Thor called there the Avengers to help him stop the imminent threat posed by Galactus. So far, players have seen the Dr. Doom POI and a couple of other elements in the game. But the latest update reportedly brought even more interesting additions to the game which need to be addressed.

Firstly, there were a lot of minor bug fixes made to the game. The patch reportedly fixed issues with players’ gliders. Additionally, it also fixed an issue that didn’t allow players to consume fish while in the passenger seat. The Bifrost Glow Contrail was also causing an FPS drop which has since been fixed. An issue that caused supply drops to disappear from the map was also fixed.

The major change in this update was that ‘The Authority’ is now ‘Stark Tower’. This hinted towards a new POI in the game where Iron Man could be the new boss. The update would also probably include the Iron Man mythic items including the complete Iron Man armor or just the repulsors. New Stark Industries themed chests also made their way into Fortnite.

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According to YouTuber Coldside, a bunch of different skins were also recently leaked. The leaked comics hinted towards a Lady Sif skin. Some other leaks pointed towards Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Venom, and Blade skins.

The Cube to make a comeback in Fortnite?

Another leak pointed towards the arrival of the Wolverine POI. The official Season 4 trailer showed Wolverine fighting in the Sentinel graveyard, so this could be where the new POI will be stationed. A leaked view of the map also showed the locations of XP coins all the way through week 3.

The possibility of the Cube returning to the game was also unveiled. Twitter user Pyne was the first one to notice this.

He marked all the rift locations on the map that formed a giant cube. That was proof enough to speculate that the cube might be coming back. Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard also posted the first sketch of the Cube on its anniversary. This was yet another hint towards its possible comeback.

The update has been scheduled for September 9,  and will possibly bring all the rumored additions. Keep watching this space for more details on the same.

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