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All the Crashes at the German Grand Prix that Defined the Race

All the Crashes at the German Grand Prix that Defined the Race

Charles Leclerc

To say that the 2019 German Grand Prix was exciting would be an understatement. A crazy race culminated in Max Verstappen winning, in spite of getting bogged down at the start. Joining him on the podium were Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat. It was the first time this season that there was no Mercedes representation on the podium. Since it was a wet race, a spot of chaos was expected, but the rain gods outdid themselves.

A number of drivers were caught out by the conditions, while some survived, others were not so lucky. There was drama and heartbreak for a few drivers as they were caught out while in prime positions.

Sergio Perez


The Mexican was the first one to be caught out by the treacherous conditions as his Racing Point car spun and hit the barrier. He was chasing Kevin Magnussen and a McLaren when he lost control and clipped the barrier, ending his race.

Charles LeClerc


Charles LeClerc was the first of the high-profile casualties when he skidded off at the final corner. He had a couple of wobbles before understeering and hitting the tyre wall. It was at this point in the race that everyone thought that it was all over for Ferrari, with Sebastian Vettel down the order after starting last.

Lewis Hamilton


This was another high-profile incident, where the defending champion, Lewis Hamilton was involved. Barely a lap after Charles LeClerc beached his car, Hamilton’s German Grand Prix unravelled at the same corner and he ripped off half of his front wing. Luckily, he was just across from the pit lane entry, but had to cut across the grass in the process. The Mercedes team were caught unprepared as they were not expecting a pit stop, so there was frantic rushing as the tyres and a new front wing. All in all, poor old Lewis Hamilton spent nearly a minute in the pits.

Nico Hulkenberg

This incident was fate being absolutely cruel to poor old Nico Hulkenberg. The German driver was primed for his maiden podium in his entire career, in front of his home fans no less. Although he was 4th, he kept tabs on Lewis Hamilton who had a 5-second time penalty hanging on his head. Sadly, it was all thrown away when he slid off on that dreaded final corner.

Valtteri Bottas


With Lewis Hamilton well down the order, it was down to Valtteri Bottas to fly the flag for Mercedes at the German Grand Prix. Unfortunately, after a few laps of chasing Lance Stroll and being unable to pass, the Finn dropped the ball and spun. He crashed into the barrier, tearing off his nosecone and his front suspension.

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