Rooney Celebrating his goal against man City

It’s not really expected from a player to be a jack-of-all-trades and are usually chosen to do what they do best but some players aren’t just equipped with one role, they are versatile enough to excel in the secondary roles too.

When needed, they are their managers heroes as they give a new look to the usual identity the player in that position has, and that variety can’t be offered by the regular. Take Manchester United’s Daley Blind as an example of how he has played in different position ,showing his intelligence to fit in all of those spots.


The Holland International delivered a brilliant pass to Robin van Persie in their famous opening match against Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2014. The goal included a brilliant header from Van Persie which flew past Iker Cassilas in a game which he leaked 5 goals against to the 1 they scored.

That goal was set up with an exquisite pass from the left wing into the box by Blind where he played as a winger, not as a Left Back where he played for his former club Ajax. The player has played at Left wing, Left Back, as a center Defensive Midfielder and now plays at center Back for Manchester United in only his second year at the club.

Here are the Top 10 Most Versatile Players in the history of Football:


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