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All You Need To Know About Rafael Nadal’s Diet

All You Need To Know About Rafael Nadal’s Diet

Rafael Nadal’s diet is a very balanced mix of nutrients that helps the Spanish star stay in game shape.

Rafa is one of the biggest names in the world of tennis. Being on the calendar for 12 months a year requires a great deal of behind the scenes work. This includes a balanced diet and work out a plan that is compatible with the requirements of the sport.

So, what does Rafael Nadal eat to maintain his impeccable fitness?

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What Do We Know About Rafael Nadal’s Diet?

Rafael Nadal’s diet can be described in one word – Seafood. The Mallorcan gives a lot of preference to seafood in structuring his diet and eats it every day.

Rafael Nadal's Diet

He was once quoted as saying “Always Seafood” when asked about his diet. This means that his diet ranges from steamed fish to shrimp dumplings. Rafa eats meat but doesn’t like cheese.

Not surprisingly, Rafael Nadal includes a good deal of fruits and vegetables in his diet. In addition, he’s a huge fan of olives.

Well, you might be thinking, does a regular player like Rafael Nadal eats the food of us mortals? Surprisingly, Rafa is a great fan of rich foods like Paella and chocolates. However, he acknowledges that if he consumes Paella every day, he won’t be able to play tennis.

What does Rafael Nadal consume during the game? Well, his basic trick is to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. In addition, the Spaniard likes hypotonic beverages like Recuperat-ion Sport. His doctor says that Rafa’s preferred drink after a brutal match is filtered seawater.

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Let’s look at the daily breakdown of Rafael Nadal’s diet:


Fresh bread (rich in carbohydrates, free of harmful preservatives), olive oils (provides good fat), Iberian ham (staple Spanish food), Orange juice (Vitamin C)

Rafael Nadal's Diet


Fish, Meat, Olives, Fresh Veggies, Cannoli


Paella, Shrimp Dumplings, Chocolate, Cocktail, Protein diet

Would you like to adopt Rafael Nadal’s diet?

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