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Along With Four F1 Titles, Sebastian Vettel Also Has The Most Unwanted Record in the Sport

Along With Four F1 Titles, Sebastian Vettel Also Has The Most Unwanted Record in the Sport

Ever since Sebastian Vettel made his Formula One debut, he has broken multiple records. His youngest pole-sitter record still stands to this day. However, there is one particular statistic that he would love to banish from his memory.

When he debuted, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest person to take part in an official F1 session. At the time, he was a test driver for BMW-Sauber at the 2006 Turkish Grand Prix.

While that feat was incredible in itself, it was another record that he set that will embarrass him to this day. Barely six seconds after he exited the garage, he was caught for speeding in the pit lane.

It was the quickest penalty ever dished out to any driver, and Sebastian Vettel was the unfortunate victim of his overzealousness. Fortunately, he managed to redeem himself by setting the fastest time in FP2. The young German ended up ahead of Felipe Massa and Jenson Button, in the Ferrari and the Honda respectively.

Since then, Sebastian Vettel has gone on to grab a maiden win in 2008 at the rain-affected Italian Grand Prix, driving for Toro Rosso. Till date, it remains as their best ever result in Formula One.

Then, Red Bull gave him a much-deserved promotion and he repaid the faith by winning four back-to-back Driver’s and Constructor’s titles.

Finally, in 2015, he moved to Scuderia Ferrari and has remained with the Italian team ever since. However, he has yet to add to his world championship tally. To make matters worse, his teammate Charles Leclerc handily beat him in the driver’s championship.

His performances have even led to some questioning his ability behind the wheel and calling for him to retire. Hopefully in 2020, he can prove his critics wrong and establish himself as a serious title contender and Ferrari team leader.

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