Alonso Clarifies Radio Comment During French GP

June 26, 2018 5:36 pm

Fernando Alonso and his exasperation with his team was apparent during the last weekend. The car just did not work the way he wanted and he made a ‘I don’t care’ comment to his engineer on radio.

But he now clarified to reporters that he meant it for a different reason. When asked about the comment, Alonso said, “On the radio, the team was definitely overexcited, telling me the gaps with the fifth guy, the sixth guy.”

“I was last after the Safety Car and I had a problem with the brakes overheating, I had one set of tyres for the whole race because we stopped on lap 1 to fit the yellow tyres so I think it was a defensive race.”

“It was not frustration but we know that this weekend we’ve been quite uncompetitive”, he added.

Alonso also had a complaint about the cars ahead of him. “From the start, we had to avoid a lot of accidents in front of us. People seemed to shortcut the circuit and nothing happened.”

“We stayed on the circuit and we became last doing that”, he said of the lack of penalties for cutting the chicane.

Alonso chases Leclerc

He was also involved with a battle with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, which ended with him spinning as the German passed him. “It worked out well for him this time, but other times it won’t work out so well”, said Alonso of the incident.

The French Grand Prix weekend was another one of Alonso’s miseries, the likes of which we have become familiar with over the last three years. There were concerns that the Spaniard could be quitting F1 for another series but those seem to have quelled following this revelation.

Meanwhile, he will be looking forward to the coming races in Austria and Britain in the next two weeks, with McLaren looking to bring upgrades to these races.

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