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Alonso feels F1 has become ‘weak’

Alonso feels F1 has become ‘weak’

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is approaching the final race of his F1 career, as he already announced his decision to retire from the sport and concentrate on other racing series. He has vocally stated his displeasure of F1 and he has now claimed that the sport has become weak.

“What happens now is not the Formula 1 that made me want to be a racing driver,” Alonso told Speed Week. “I quit F1 because I think we’re a weak show. We talk more about what happens next to the track. We talk about polemics and radio messages.”

“I suppose I find more pleasure in other racing series.”

Alonso was unhappy with the current state of F1

Alonso also bemoaned how the sport had regressed and the severe lack of competition among the drivers and teams. “I could write down the first 15 positions for the result of the next race, perhaps with a few changes of places,” the Spaniard said.

“I find it hard to accept how predictable it has become.”

His rants and comments can be construed as that of someone frustrated with his car and position but rival, Sergio Perez, echoed his sentiments. “It shows how sick F1 is,” Perez said.

“We have one of the best drivers in the world, he loves racing to the last fiber in his body, and he tortures himself in the midfield weekend after weekend.

“If we put him in another car, he would fight for victory and be world champion again.”

Perez agreed with Alonso

With Alonso bowing out, F1 will only be left with Kimi Raikkonen as one of the old-timers on the grid. The Spaniard was seen as one of the most talented drivers ever in the sport but was let down by his attitude problems.

Alonso failed to get along with his team many a time, severely damaging relationships with team bosses and crew with his grumpy behaviour. He did come close to winning the title with a sub-par car in 2010 and 2012, which was a sheer display of his abilities as a driver.

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