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Alonso Positive about McLaren-Renault’s Future

Alonso Positive about McLaren-Renault’s Future

The future of Fernando Alonso as an individual in F1 might be unclear (despite his claims of being one of the best) but he has categorically stated that his current team, McLaren-Renault has a bright future ahead.

When asked about the team and how the partnership with Renault was progressing, Alonso said, “It is definitely challenging. The gap to the front guys is quite significant.”

“But McLaren and Renault are here to win and have won many things in the past. I see a great future, a bright future for this combination. Definitely, this combination will bring nice results.”

“I don’t know if the win will happen this year, next year or in five years”, he added.

Alonso’s words will encourage McLaren

Inevitably, the question of his own future in the world of F1 followed and Alonso was very firm about his intention. “I don’t know, 2019 is still a long way ahead”, he commented.

“Normally, I try to take my decisions after the summer break and this year is no different. An important decision is coming for sure.”

McLaren chief, Zak Brown knows what a great asset Alonso can be with his expert driving skills and his wealth of experience and he wanted him to remain with McLaren in some capacity or the other.

Brown said, “Hopefully we will keep Fernando in the McLaren environment in some way, shape or form.” This statement came on the back of rumours that McLaren may field their own car in the IndyCar series next season onwards.

The Spaniard’s F1 future has been up for debate ever since his ill-fated decision to team up with McLaren once again in 2015. The team was woefully out of pace with their Honda partnership not yielding results.

They switched to Renault engines at the start of the season and while the progress is there for all to see, but they do not meet Alonso’s ever-lofty ambitions. He may be positive about the team’s future but will be able to stick it out with them for that long?

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