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Alonso Sends F1 Rival Hamilton a Warning

Alonso Sends F1 Rival Hamilton a Warning


Lewis Hamilton is aware that he will have his hands full in the 2018 Formula One season. One F1 rival in paeticular, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso believes that he is ready to compete at the front of the grid once again. The 33-year old sealed his fourth Drivers’ Championship in 2017 after fending off Sebastian Vettel‘s challenge with two races to spare.

The Mercedes W08’s superior reliability ensured that Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas completed the top three behind Vettel. But double world champion Fernando Alonso has faith that Hamilton’s former team, McLaren, can challenge for the title. The Spaniard himself is hoping to end a 12-year wait for a championship.

F1 rival
Alonso has warned Hamilton to watch his back
Alonso said, “In terms of results, it is always going to be difficult to predict. This is Formula 1, it is not mathematical that you know in advance. Anything can happen. Even the favourite ones, the champions, Mercedes cannot guarantee that in 2018 they will be fastest. But we are quite optimistic, we know what Red Bull is doing with the Renault power unit, they are maybe not the fastest in qualifying but they are quite fast in the race.”He continued, “They’ve been on a couple of podiums, they won two or three races, so with those kinds of results I think we will be very happy. If we are in the fight and if we can taste the champagne again.”

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If Alonso’s prediction of a competitive McLaren does come true, it will be a relief for them and the multitudes of McLaren fans. It will also turn the championship into a 4-horse race. Hamilton must also remember that Alonso is not the only F1 rival breathing down his neck. The likes of Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen will be lurking as well, and as the saying goes, ‘Your teammate is your biggest rival’. One must also not discount Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo either. Because that was how Raikkonen won the 2007 championship, Hamilton was so focused on Massa that he forgot that the Finn was still on the hunt.

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