Sainz Sr. Claims Alonso is unhappy in F1

May 31, 2018 6:03 pm

Fernando Alonso has had a frustrating time ever since he moved to McLaren for a second time in his career in 2015. The car was unlike its yesteryear counterparts, with its sheer incapability to fight for podiums and wins annoying Alonso to no end.

Things seemed different this year when they partnered with Renault to supply their engines and the performances have certainly improved, but not to the level of his expectations. At least that is the thought-process of Carlos Sainz’s father, Carlos Sainz Sr.

Speaking to EFE news, he said, “He (Alonso) is in a period when he would like to be in a different situation. He wants to fight for podiums and wins.”

“When you’ve won before and in his case, he has won two world championships and fought for others, if you are not fighting for podiums, races, championships, it is logical that you are not happy.”

“And it’s especially true if you are as experienced as he is and with the character that Fernando has. This year at McLaren the situation is a little bit better and let’s hope it improves more, but it’s true that maybe he and all of us who want the best for him were expecting something more”, added the Spaniard.

Post the Monaco Grand Prix, a McLaren team consisting of Alonso, his manager Luis Garcia Abad, CEO Zak Brown and Gil de Ferran will fly down to Detroit to witness the IndyCar race. It is thought that McLaren want to introduce their own car in the series and Alonso will be central to it.

Brundle feels Alonso will quit F1

Former F1 driver and popular commentator, Martin Brundle also revealed he spoke to him after Monaco. “I spoke with Alonso in Monaco and got the impression that he will not continue in F1”, said Brundle.

For a while now, fans have known that Alonso’s F1 career could well be coming to an end and his participation in endurance racing only fuelled the discussion. Rumours are always speculative and fans will be hoping that he makes a formal statement soon.

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