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Alpha Tauri Set Up Valentines Day Date for Launch of 2020 Challenger

Alpha Tauri Set Up Valentines Day Date for Launch of 2020 Challenger

For the 2020 Formula One season, there will be no more Toro Rosso from that year onwards. Instead the Faenza-based team will be rebranded Alpha Tauri Racing. Earlier this month, Scuderia Ferrari announced their launch dates for their 2020 challenger.

Now, Alpha Tauri will follow in their footsteps and become the second team to announce a launch date. The Italian outfit is set to roll out its new machine on February 14th and it will be piloted by Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat for the second season in a row.

According to some sources, the Alpha Tauri team will be present at the Hangar 7 base in Salzburg. It is worth nothing that it will be  the first time that the facility has been used for a Formula 1 car launch.

For the uninitiated, Alpha Tauri is a branch of Red Bull which primarily deals in the fashion industry. The company was launched in 2016 and has since grown in leaps and bounds, to a point that it is now being represented in Formula One.

The team goes into the 2020 season with it head held up high, owing to excellent performances. In their final year under the Toro Rosso name, it finished sixth in the 2019 Constructors’ Championship with two podium finishes as a welcome bonus.

In Hockenheim, Daniil Kvyat stunned many when he slotted into 3rd in the changeable weather. Under similar conditions in Brazil, Pierre Gasly showed his former team Red Bull, what they were missing out on. What made his podium even more spectacular was the fact that he won a drag race between himself and Lewis Hamilton.

It was actually very poetic, as Daniil Kvyat was also a Red Bull reject, and both drivers proved that they have plenty of talent in the tank.

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