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Amanda Anisimova Gets Into a Heated Exchange With Donna Vekic Over MTO at Italian Open 2020

Amanda Anisimova Gets Into a Heated Exchange With Donna Vekic Over MTO at Italian Open 2020

US Open 2020 ended on a high. Some great matches, shocking incidents, and nail-biting finish the became the highlights of the Grand Slam. What follows is the much-awaited Italian Open 2020. With the event not featuring the likes of Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer and after the Benoit Paire controversy, fans are looking forward to a Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal final. Recently, American tennis player Amanda Anisimova defeated Donna Vekic 3-6, 7-6(3), and 7-6(6) in Round 1 of the Italian Open 2020.

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What recently grabbed the attention of spectators was an incident that took place in the match. Facing Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic, Amanda Anisimova caught a blister during the tie-breaker of the second set. This caused her to take a Match Time Out in between the tie-breaker of the second set.

Amanda Anisimova at Italian Open 2020.
Amanda Anisimova celebrates a point during her match against Donna Vekic at Round 1 of Italian Open 2020. Pool via REUTERS/Riccardo Antimiani

“Really? Now?”- Roared Vekic on Amanda Anisimova.

Before the tie-breaker began, Anisimova missed an easy smash on match-point, lost the serve, and had to move to the tie-breaker. After 2 points in it, she stops and takes a time-out because of a blister.

This became really very irritating for Vekic. Many critics on Twitter even alleged Anisimova on Twitter of faking her injury. They believed that she did that to break the momentum of her opponent. She was already losing in the first set and missed an easy smash that could have given her the second set. She knew that losing the second set on a tie-breaker would mean the end of the journey for her. That is why she took the MTO is what some critics said.

Some fans have even reported that the blister was not at all fake and she was really in pain at the moment. Whatever might be the case, the incident grabbed attention and became a debatable topic. Though the end result remained the same. Amanda Anisimova managed to make a comeback and proceeded ahead for Round 2 of Italian Open 2020.

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