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Amelie Mauresmo Wants Justin Gimelstob Off the ATP Board

Amelie Mauresmo Wants Justin Gimelstob Off the ATP Board

Amelie Mauresmo has called for Justin Gimelstob, who is involved in a high profile criminal case to be voted out of the ATP board. Justin Gimelstob has pleaded no contest over the allegations made against him.

Mauresmo on Justin Gimelstob

Mauresmo is the former World no. 1 and has previously worked with Andy Murray as his coach. The 2006 Wimbledon champion is currently coaching Lucas Pouille and is an active coach on the ATP circuit. Justin Gimelstob has also worked as a coaching staff for the American, John Isner. He has occupied diverse roles in tennis with being a broadcaster for the Tennis Channel. He currently holds the position of the player representative on the ATP board.

However, Justin Gimelstob was involved in a high profile criminal case. Gimelstob is alleged to assault his former friend and venture capitalist, Randall Kaplan. He was sentenced to 60 hours of community service and three years of probation.

While players like Rafael Nadal has dodged the question of whether Gimelstob should be allowed to hold his position on the ATP board. But Mauresmo was quite uninhibited about her views on Justin’s future in the board.

Justin Gimelstob

“So he assaulted a guy, right? And he said he did it? That’s what he said. So it’s pretty straightforward, I guess, said Amelie Mauresmo.

She added, “I guess that’s not the kind of behavior you want to see from someone in our sport has a big role in any of the ATP, WTA or ITF. Like I don’t know how you call these associations, organizations – definitely not. Even though he didn’t, he accepted the thing and said, “yeah I did it”, I don’t think it’s really appropriate for him to stay there.” 

A vote will take place on May 14 about the future of Justin Gimelstob on the ATP board. The decision about the renewal of Gimelstob’s term on the board depends upon the player council which is headed by World no. 1, Novak Djokovic.

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