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Among Us Beta Gets a Change in the In-Game Investigation Process

Among Us Beta Gets a Change in the In-Game Investigation Process

The 2018 title Among Us earned huge popularity during the pandemic. The developers at Innersloth had previously announced that they had been working on a sequel to this title following its immense success. However, they have stopped working on it to introduce more updates on the original. Players can see some of the changes that will embrace the game in the October update of the beta.

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The community has noticed some major changes in the way players make group decisions in the game. Players are expecting that the upcoming changes to hit the game might change the entire process of in-game investigation. The fan community website attackofthefanboy has listed the specific changes the community has noticed in the October beta that led them to this conclusion.

Note: If you wish to be a part of this beta, all you need to do is:

  • Visit Steam
  • Right-click on the game
  • Select properties
  • Go to the “Betas” tab
  • Select “public beta”

Also, this current beta is only available to PC users. As for the mobile version beta, there is no news whatsoever.

Changes in Among Us October update hint at a change in investigation process in-game

According to the fan community website, the game has made it more difficult for the players to snuff out the impostor. Players can now cast their votes while being anonymous, leaving no clarity between them. The changes have even made it easier for imposters to lie about their tasks since players can now choose whether their taskbar appears during meetings.

In addition to this, Innersloth has also made a change so as to make the wire task possible for the color-blind. Instead of colors distinguishing the wires, they will additionally be marked with shapes as well.

Innersloth is trying to step up the game, now that it has attained such huge popularity all of a sudden. However, it is tough to say whether this will affect the player base in a positive or negative way. True, these changes might discourage a section of players but it’s a risk Innersloth is willing to take.

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