Among Us Custom Mod That Turns the Imposter Into a Shark

February 18, 2021 12:36 am

Ever since the pandemic heightened in September, Among Us became a rage in the gaming industry for its quirky and fun gameplay. The game now has new fun custom mods. But this new mod brings the fear of getting eaten once again, because one of the most dangerous predators in the world remains loose.

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Among Us gives a wild ride with sharks

In this new custom mod, imposters can now play as the dangerous predators: sharks. The game still has the rules of the crewmates completing the task before they get killed by the imposter. But this time, instead of imposters following them, the crewmates get hunted by sharks in this wild overpowered mode.

The imposter shark has 3 additional abilities, along with the abilities of a regular imposter. On the new mod, the first ability is the flood ability. This ability turns the entire map in Among Us flooded with water which becomes necessary for the Imposter Shark. In order to turn into the shark, the map needs to have the flood ability started first.

Source: Sigils

Ways that you can kill as a shark

The shark imposter has 2 ways that the player can use to kill crewmates. Both these methods are part of the 3 additional abilities of the shark. The first way would be the Dash, which sends the shark in one direction with increased speed and kills anyone that gets in contact with him. Players can kill multiple crewmates in a single dash.

The second method that the shark can use would be the Deep-Dive. Sharks can see the locations of the crewmates on the mini map because a normal shark has great instincts. By selecting a location on the mini map, the shark emerges from underneath that location and kills anyone near the vicinity.

The mode gives the advantage to the Imposter, and players can rarely win as the crewmate. But this definitely remains the closest way people can enter the world of Jaws on Among Us.

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