Among Us: How the Clash Between xQc and 5up Began

February 14, 2021 10:35 pm

In the world of streaming and internet, clashes and feuds happen all the time. It can take over sketchy drama, clicks and views, but sometimes the passion while playing the game can lead to a major clash between a group of individuals. This occurs especially in Among Us, when the game becomes more heated than expected. Most of the time, however, it cools down by the end of the game. Despite that, during the game it ruins the experience for the others and it leads to a lot of distaste, and the latest drama between xQc and 5up just proves that.

Things became heated between Canadian streamer xQc and American YouTuber 5up during an Among Us stream in September 2020. The game also had other popular personalities such as Summit1G, Jelly, and many more.

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How an Among Us feud boiled a huge clash

The stream had already soured from the first game itself. It started with a bit of argument between xQc and 5up. xQc had voted for 5up as the impostor, even though he had no evidence for it. It soon took a drastic turn in the next game after a major argument.

In the next game, 5up makes the case for xQc to be the imposter while he was in Admin. xQc becomes angry while he made his case and called 5up a “dumb***”. Although 5up was right, the argument raged on and finally xQc got voted out from the round. Things got so bad, 5up left the lobby as he did not want to handle that much tension and toxicity.

5up talks about the incident after leaving the lobby

Following the incident, 5up calls out xQc for his playing style. He mentions how controlling xQc is for a game like Among Us. He also talks about how his nature of playing removes the fun while playing a friendly game like Among Us.

“If I had advice for him, he’s becoming so overbearing with the amount of power he thinks he has on the game of Among Us where the entire lobby becomes a game where it’s no longer 10 streamers coming together and having fun entertaining people and it turns into trolling. It turns into him controlling a game.”

He talks about how xQc thinks that he plays the game better than anyone else. He also says that the Canadian streamer’s toxic nature rubs off in the wrong way for others.

“If he gets it right, he thinks he’s a god, and if people get him out as imposter, he calls them trash players who got lucky.”

When 5up left the game, others in the lobby weren’t happy with xQc’s behavior. Further, the game felt off later on while xQc played it.

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