This Among Us Mod is a Nightmare for Impostors

January 4, 2021 8:18 pm

InnerSloth’s Among Us gained worldwide popularity during the global lockdown for COVID-19. Many YouTubers and streamers started playing the party game on their channels. This, in turn, led more people to play the game themselves, making Among Us the game of the year. However, most YouTubers play various mods of the game which are not available to use for everyone. While some of these versions overpower the impostor further, most of them try to bring impostors and crewmates on an equal footing.

YouTuber AlexAcePlays recently shared a video playing a version of the game which introduced a Medic in it!

This Among Us mod empowers crewmates

AlexAcePlays introduced his viewers to a mod of Among Us where apart from the usual crewmates and impostors, there is also a medic. The medic’s role is to revive dead crewmates. However, the mod only allows medics to revive crewmates before players report their dead body. Therefore, self-report can be a huge advantage for impostors since it implies that the medic cannot revive the dead crewmate.

However, the impostor must also aim to kill more and more crewmates before the medic can revive them. This mod makes things a little difficult for the impostors, but is quite fun to watch.

The mod, however, was slightly buggy

Alex got to be the medic in the video that we saw. During their gameplay, Alex found out that the mod was a little buggy. The impostor self-reported his first victim in the game, immediately raising suspicions. However, later in the course of the game, while Alex revived a dead crewmate, the previously dead crewmate also came back to life.

Further, even the ejected impostor came back into the game when the YouTuber revived another crewmate. They found out that any dead or ejected person would come back to life whenever the medic revived a crewmate during the game. Nevertheless. the YouTuber led his team to victory.

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