Among Us Mod Lets Players Kill as a Couple

February 18, 2021 1:02 am

From the popular Among Us modding duo of Sub & Fletch, comes a new mod that tests your skills at both killing and keeping a relationship. Dubbed the Girlfriend mod, this custom mod can turn any crewmate into a killing partner for the imposter and both can use the abilities of an imposter.

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Among Us has a new custom girlfriend mod

In this mod, the imposter receives 3 additional abilities along with those of a regular imposter. In order to convert a crewmate into the “girlfriend”, players can use the Kiss ability. This will make the imposter and the converted crewmate into a killing couple and go on a spree. The couple gets attached to each other by an imaginary rope that only they can see.

The other ability any member of the couple can use is the Call ability. Upon using this ability, the imposter can teleport the other member towards themselves from anywhere on the map. This ability can have an enormous impact if the imposters want to carry out a double kill in the nick of time.

Source: Sub & Fletch

The caveats of being a couple

To keep the authenticity of being a real life couple, the mod has certain limitations for the killing couple. If the couple stray away too far apart from each other, both of them die. Naturally, imposters need to make sure that they stay close to each other.

The third and final ability is the Break Up ability. If the bickering in the relationship gets too much for any of the members to handle, the imposter can use this ability and kill their partner and end the relationship. There are other limitations on being a couple in this mode that makes it more fun. For instance, if any member of the couple gets ejected from the map following a vote, then both the imposters would die.

This mod definitely lies among the fun mods of the game, and it is definitely worth checking out.

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