The Floor is Lava in this Among Us Mod

December 31, 2020 7:02 pm

Among Us was a major source of entertainment for the gaming community worldwide during the global pandemic. In fact, watching prominent YouTubers stream various mods of the game was as entertaining as actually playing it. In most of these versions, the developers tried to bring the crewmates and the impostors on an equal footing. However, some mods went out of their way to overpower the impostor even further. YouTuber SSundee, in his latest video, shows us one such mod of Among Us, where it was practically impossible for the crewmates to win. Either way, it was hilarious for the viewers to watch the YouTubers squabble among themselves.

How did this Among Us mod overpower the impostor?

As we know, the impostors can kill the crewmates or sabotage the game by causing inconveniences to them. The crewmates, on the other hand, have to complete various tasks while figuring out who the impostors are and voting them out before they kill everybody. Naturally, this involves a lot more awareness by the crewmates as compared to the impostors. However, this mod went one step further and gave the impostors the ability to turn the floor into lava. The impostors simply have to press a button, like the kill or sabotage buttons, and the floor immediately turns into lava.

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Three of the crewmates can place props like tables, broken tables, chairs, and even boxes all over the map before the game begins. As soon as the floor turns into lava, crewmates can save themselves by getting on top of these props. If they fail to do so, the lava will kill them. However, players must note that the lava cannot kill the impostors.

This game mode makes the gameplay much more difficult for the crewmates. Naturally, when SSundee tried out this mod with other YouTubers, chaos ensued.

The impostors won every round in the game

We see the impostor’s point of view only during in the last of the three rounds that they play, when SSundee becomes the impostor. The gameplay is a lot more difficult for the crewmates since impostors can turn the floor into lava even when they are working on some task. If they do not run to a prop, they will die. SSundee comments on the nature of this game during the video.

“Dude, this is so stressful.”

In one of these rounds, the impostor pulled off some very “toxic” gameplay, when they killed a crewmate while the crewmate was stuck on a prop with them. However, the crewmates tried their best to win at least one round, but they were unsuccessful, showing exactly how overpowered the impostors are in this mod.

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