Among Us Streamer Disguised Toast Takes a Break From Creating Content

January 5, 2021 12:41 am

For a lot of streamers trying to make something out of their career, Among Us has been very giving. In 2020, the game single-handedly helped many streamers rise to fame. It also boosted the career of various others. Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and many others are extremely thankful to InnerSloth for the game.

As these streamers enter 2021, with the gradual decline of Among Us, things have started to change for them. While many moved over to other games, the rest are struggling to find a safe space. With OfflineTV‘s recent Rust reboot, many streamers joined the server. However, the Rust server also got toxic, and most of them took their leave.

Amidst all this, cherished Among Us streamer Disguised Toast recently delivered an unfortunate piece of news to his fans. In a recent tweet, the streamer conveyed to his fans that he will be taking a break from content creation until further notice.

Among Us streamer Disguised Toast to continue streaming to “fulfill contractual obligations”

Canadian streamer Disguised Toast had to urgently return to Canada to look after his father. However, the streamer is only taking a break from creating content online. He is still under a contract with Facebook Gaming, which will force him to keep streaming up.

Therefore, fans might not be able to witness Toast in his usual charisma for a while now. As he broke the news to his fans, the gaming community came together to express their support.

His fellow streamers, most of whom he played Among Us with as his streams grew popular, told Toast that they have his back. This included the likes of Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, Valkyrae, and CourageJD.

The streamer certainly has a great support system behind him. Additionally, his friends online would definitely help him as he streams to get the job done. Therefore, even if Toast doesn’t put as much effort into his streams as he used to, they will still be fun for his fans to watch.

It is time for gamers to unite once again and gather in support of Disguised Toast who revolutionized Among Us for them.

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