Among Us Streamers Pokimane, Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and Others React to the New Airship Map

Published 04/02/2021, 2:43 PM EDT

31st March 2021 marked the day when the highly awaited Airship map finally arrived at the sensational game Among Us. First appeared at The Game Awards 2020, the map made headlines and excited many players and streamers. However, InnerSloth disappointed most of them due to the long delay between the teaser and the final release.


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The game had a high momentum in terms of players and audience back in December 2020. Without a major update, fans grew tired of waiting. While many thought the craze of Among Us was finally coming to an end, the Airship map update proved all of them wrong.

Streamers all over the internet and fans all around the world joined InnerSloth in making the launch of the new map an extremely successful one. Hundreds of thousands of people joined in live streams and updated their games too.


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CREWMATES. You rly showed up for the Airship drop!!

Here's a live player count chart from yesterday – guess when the map dropped? 😏 On Steam alone we went from ~20k players to 130k players in under 2 hours!

Thank you for the support you continually give us. Endlessly grateful.

— Innersloth (@InnerslothDevs) April 1, 2021

The best thing about the Among Us update was how streamers such as Pokimane, Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Jacksepticeye, CouRage, and many others reacted to it. Moreover, quite a few of these reactions were priceless.

New Among Us map was successful in blowing away the minds of streamers

Even though the patch notes we available ever since the update was teased, players were still confused when the game gave them an option to choose their spawn. “It’s definitely a different-looking map,” said Sykkuno as he inspected the surroundings very carefully. The first thing everyone said when Disguised Toast called an emergency meeting was, “I’m lost.”

Indeed, the Airship map is extremely large and has a lot of compartments. The ladders and moving platforms make it even more confusing, something all the players realized a bit too late after they jumped in their first game. None of the streamers knew how to do any of the tasks.

Valkyrae stood staring at the safe as it took her back to her school days. In order to complete a single task, she asked her friends, “Do you guys remember those locks in middle school? How do you unlock those?”

Even after climbing the ladders multiple times, it was still very hilarious for the streamers. In fact, climbing ladders was so much fun for Ludwig and Toast that they went up and down the ladder for three minutes straight.

Streamers feel gross doing the ‘plunge’ task in the Airship map

The first reaction of most people was either confusion or excitement. However, it wasn’t until they came across the ‘plunge’ task in the toilet of the Airship that fans got to see some hilarious reactions. Basically, the task involves players plunging a toilet until it reaches maximum pressure. Something about it was so funny that none of the streamers could keep their laughs in.


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Sykkuno said, “This is the stupidest task. Who came up with this?” While Valkyrae called it “gross”, Corpse found it straight up “weird.” Somehow, Jacksepticeye was extremely excited to do a task in the toilet.

Clearly, the new map is a bit hard to navigate when players first jump in. However, it is much more exciting than the previous maps with all the new things it has to offer. The arrival of the new map is once again going to boost the audience of Among Us, especially after seeing all the various streamers react to it.


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