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Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

To be honest, I’ve personally considered Hungary to be a dud track. But with the epic Ricciardo victory of 2014 and now the race this year, I now personally find the track very exciting.

After Silverstone broke all the negativity surrounding the sport about the ‘entertainment’ fiasco, Hungary was a cherry on the top, for the fans and for the drivers as well, with something happening lap after lap.

Formula One entered Hungary with an air of gloom surrounding the unfortunate death of Jules Bianchi. The Bianchi family was especially flown to Hungary to take part in the special tribute for Jules that was organised. The drivers along with the family formed a circle with arms by their side, and their helmets in the centre.

Hungarian Grand Prix
Courtesy: grandprix247.com

After a minute of complete silence, every driver took their helmets from the centre leaving Bianchi’s on the floor as mark of tribute.

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