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Andre Onana opens up about shocking reason behind his failed big move

Andre Onana opens up about shocking reason behind his failed big move

Andre Onana is one of the hottest goalkeeping prospects in Europe. The Cameroonian goalkeeper who reached the Champions League semifinal in the last season with Ajax has been long touted for a big move. Though he has thus far failed to secure a move to a bigger club. Now, this might be a cause of a footballing reason like a drop in form or a persistent injury issue. Though the worrying fact is that the reason is none of the usual ones.

Serie A side rejected Andre Onana for being black

Andre Onana

Andre Onana recently opened up about it, he was quoted saying, “Along the way I have noticed: it is not easy for a black keeper to go further. In my first year at Ajax, we reached the final of the Europa League,

“After that final, my agent spoke to an interesting club, but that club decided not to sign me because a black goalkeeper would be difficult for their supporters. So it wasn’t because they didn’t think I was good enough.

“I considered it a compliment.”

It’s heartbreaking to see that as we celebrate the arrival of a new decade in the 21st century, some people are still stuck prioritising skin colour over abilities. Though it’s equally pleasing to see how well someone as young as the 23-year-old Onana is handling the situation. 

The man who rejected Barcelona

The former Barcelona prodigy first started out a the Samuel Eto’o foundation before he to the famous La Masia aged 13. In July of 2015, Onana joined Dutch side Ajax. His current deal runs until June 2022 though it’s an open secret that he’s looking for a big move. He has himself accepted his desire to play in the Premier League.

Though on the transfer front, Andre Onana has confirmed Barcelona’s approach for him. Though he rejected the move. While he does feel Barcelona is his real home and he would love to come back to Camp Nou one day. For now, he believes it is the right time for him. Which is understandable as he wouldn’t want to play back-up to Marc-Andre ter Stegen at the age of 23.

It’s his destiny to be a top player. And while we’re unsure about his destination though we’re sure that he would achieve his dreams.

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