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Andrea Dovizioso Suffers Brief Memory Loss After Fiery Crash

Andrea Dovizioso Suffers Brief Memory Loss After Fiery Crash

During the British MotoGP Grand Prix, there was a horrific crash at the race start itself. French rider Fabio Quartararo had exited the first corner, when he was caught out by cold tyres. Unfortunately, the man right behind him, Andrea Dovizioso, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A helpless Dovizioso collided with Quartararo’s Yamaha and his body was flung like a rag doll. Afterwards, the Italian rider revealed that he was briefly knocked out cold in the crash. In addition to that, he suffered temporary memory loss, according to┬áDucati sporting chief Davide Tardozzi and MotoGP doctor Angel Charte, to Motorsport.com.

Andrea Dovizioso was initially taken to the Medical Centre for checkups, before being transferred to a hospital in Coventry. As a result of the crash, the championship gap to Marc Marquez only grew larger and more unattainable.

Quartararo took a risk by being the only top six rider on a medium front tyre, a decision he would later regret. The Frenchman, who has been impressive all season, suffered a high-side coming out of Copse. Andrea Dovizioso had literally no time to react and avoid the stricken Petronas SRT Yamaha. The Ducati was sent airborne briefly which later caught fire.

Meanwhile, back at the front, Marc Marquez was leading the race, but he was not dominating as usual. Instead, Suzuki rider Alex Rins was on his rear wheel for majority of the race, while 3rd-placed Valentino Rossi was soon caught and passed by teammate Maverick Vinales.

Vinales then began to hunt down Marquez and Rins for the remainder of the race, while the latter two duelled. Marquez and Rins kept tabs on each other Rins occasionally made sure that Marquez knew he was still there.

However, on the final lap, on the final corner, Rins made his play, and boy did it pay off!. he literally mugged Marc Marquez on the line, winning by 0.013 seconds.

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