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Andy Murray Blasts Sexism at Ballon d’Or

Andy Murray Blasts Sexism at Ballon d’Or

Andy Murray

Andy Murray, who has always stood up for women, over the years, berated the Ballon d’Or award ceremony, for the ungentlemanly-like question that was posed by Martin Solveig after, the French DJ’s comment took the shine off Ada Hegerberg‘s Ballon d’Or success. Solveig, is known to have apologized for the question, after the event as well as on the social media. The question was  “Do you know how to twerk?” to which Hegerberg replied: “No.”

“Why do woman [sic] still have to put up with that s***? What questions did they ask [Kylian] Mbappe and [men’s winner Luka] Modric? I’d imagine something to do with football”, said Andy Murray. “And to everyone who thinks people are overreacting and it was just a joke-it wasn’t”, he added. “I’ve been involved in sport my whole life and the level of sexism is unreal”, said Andy Murray. Andy Murray has been known to have stood up for women and he had earlier posted on his website- “Have I become a feminist? Well, if being a feminist is about fighting so that a woman is treated like a man then yes, I suppose I have.”

Luka Modric walked away with the award, and said it was one of the special moments of his life. “It is difficult to express my emotion and how I feel in words”, he said.“It is something unique for me. It was very special tonight”, he continued. “It was the most important people in my life – most of them, some of them were missing – but I am so happy to share this moment with them. Maybe in the past there are some players who could have won the Ballon d’Or like Xavi or Andres Iniesta but people finally now are looking at someone else. This award is for all the players who probably deserved to win it and didn’t.”


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