Andy Murray-“One-handers Are Beautiful and Poetic”

October 17, 2018 9:54 pm

Andy Murray has cut short his 2018 season, to rehabilitate himself and get in shape for the next season. Murray had interesting things to say about backhands, as he was asked if he thought if two-handed backhands were better than the one-handed ones. ‘I’m here to stick up for double handers!”, said Andy Murray. “The one handers are always said to be more beautiful, more artistic, poetic etc. But almost all the best backhands in the game are double handers.”

“Almost all coaches say they would teach a double-handed backhand because it’s a more simple, effective and efficient technique”, continued Murray. “Art doesn’t need to be complex. There is beauty in simplicity. Double handers for the win”, said Murray with a smile.

Murray will feature next at an exhibition event in Doha (not confirmed). He has confirmed his entry into to the Brisbane International, which is another warm up event that many players prefer before they head out to compete at the first slam of the year. I always enjoy going back to Brisbane. It’s the first tournament of the year and the Aussies are always great fun to be around”, said Murray. “It’s a very intimate tournament as well, the fans can get really close to the players on the practice courts and they get great crowds from the beginning of the tournament.”

“I’m going to miss the last couple of tournaments of the season because I decided along with my team that I need a long period of training and reconditioning to get myself in the best possible shape for the beginning of 2019”, said Murray.

Murray also made it clear that he will be be a serious competitor for the grand slams as he still believes he has a lot of tennis left within him. “I want to compete for the biggest tournaments again but unfortunately I won’t be competing after Asia in the rest of 2018. I’m looking forward to getting some hard training done and make some improvements, with the last few months being really positive, I feel like I made big strides forward after the rehab from the hip surgery”, said the Brit. “I feel like with another strong training period I will make some big improvements”, he added.

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