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Andy Murray Skeptic About Justin Gimelstob Role

Andy Murray Skeptic About Justin Gimelstob Role

Andy Murray has questioned Gimelstob’s role on the ATP board after the verdict of the assault case involving Justin Gimelstob.

Andy Murray is the first active player to raise doubts about Justin Gimelstob still holding his position on the ATP board after the judgment. Gimelstob was involved in a high profile criminal case. He pleaded no contest about the allegations. Justin was given three years’ probation and 60 hours of community service on Monday by a Los Angeles court.

Andy Murray on Justin Gimelstob

Despite the verdict, Gimelstob holds his position of ‘Player Representative’ on the ATP board. He has been at this position since 2008. Murray’s argument will certainly put some pressure on world no. 1 Novak Djokovic, who leads the player council and other players on the board.

“I don’t see how, with everything that has gone on, how it’s possible for him to remain in a position of authority or management at the ATP right now, ” said the Brit.

Justin Gimelstob

Andy Murray’s intervention in the controversy will also inspire other high profile players to give their opinion against Justin Gimelstob. Many former tennis players and coaches have already shown their dissent about Gimelstob holding his position at the ATP board.

Martina Navratilova, Darren Cahill, Pat Cash, Amelie Mauresmo, Pam Shriver, and Tim Mayotte are some of the former tennis professionals who suggested that Justin Gimelstob should step down from his position at the ATP board.

A vote is scheduled on May 14 in Rome where the decision would be taken on Gimelstob’s future on the ATP board. This will be Gimelstob’s normal re-election date. The decision will be dependent on the player council headed by Novak Djokovic. Justin Gimelstob has good relations with the players in the player council including the American John Isner, whom he had coached before. Only time will tell if the right decision is taken on the future of Gimelstob or not.

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