Andy Murray, who is set to feature at the Brisbane International, his first tournament in months, spoke about how he thought that he deserved to win more matches at the Australian Open. The Brit, who is still not not feeling a 100%, spoke to the media in Brisbane on Friday, ahead of his first round match.

“There are still things I want to achieve”, said Murray. “Whether I am capable of doing it anymore I don’t know”, he added. The Brit said that the Australian Open is a tournament that he would love to win dearly. “The Australian Open is the event I’d pick if I could”,he said. “It’s a tournament-I don’t want to say I deserved to have won, but I put so much into that event and come close so many times”, said Andy Murray, who has finished as the runner up at the Australian Open on five occasions(2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016).

“Looking back, I wish I could play some of those matches again”, said Andy Murray. Murray feels he that his condition now is much better than it was in 2018, and he is ready to play at some of the big tournaments. “I played best of five at the US Open, two four-set matches, and I’m feeling much better now”, said the Brit. “I am able to compete at a high level, I’ve done a lot more training to prepare (for Australian Open) than I did then- It’s not going to be comfortable but I’ll be able to get through it. I played games with (Grigor)Dimitrov and (felt) my level is good”, he said.

Andy Murray, loves the Australian Open and feels like it is a title that has evaded him throughout his career, and now it seems like the sand in the hour glass has all but slipped away.

“I really like the tournament(Australian Open) here”, said Murray. “I like the conditions and they get really good crowds. Hopefully, I can perform well. I thought I had time on my side and now I realize it’s not the case”, he added.