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Andy Roddick: “I Think Nick Kyrgios is Great for the Sport”

Andy Roddick: “I Think Nick Kyrgios is Great for the Sport”

Nick Kyrgios and controversy go hand in hand. He has a history of poor behavior on and off the court and has never been too far from controversies since joining the ATP tour. The world no. 48 has been fined and suspended several times over the years for his disrespectful behavior with the officials, altercation with others and his explosive outbursts on court.

The 24-year-old is known for his antics, which overshadows his talent. Various players and coaches have suggested the Australian star to focus more on tennis. Former world no. 1, Andy Roddick became the latest person to indicate that Nick Kyrgios should concentrate more on his game as he expects more from him.

Nick Kyrgios

In a press conference at Atlanta, Andy Roddick was asked to give his thoughts about the controversial behavior by Nick Kyrgios. He said, “Every time I have a microphone in front of me, I’m asked about Nick. So there certainly is interest that he is able to create.”

Andy Roddick praised Nick Kyrgios for his game. However, he suggested that he should apply himself more towards the game. He continued, I think he is great for the sport. I think like every other tennis fan, I want more out of him.”

Andy Roddick


Besides controversies, Nick Kyrgios was entitled as the future star of tennis after he stunned Rafael Nadal at 2014 Wimbledon Championships as a teenager. Nick Kyrgios has conquered five ATP titles in his career with the latest title coming in Acapulco, where he defeated Nadal, Alexander Zverev, Stan Wawrinka and John Isner in a fabulous week.

Kyrgios is certainly one of the rare players on the tour who has the capability to upset the ‘Big Three’ in major events. He has defeated Novak Djokovic three times, Rafael Nadal, twice and Roger Federer once in his career. Andy Roddick does not want Nick Kyrgios to waste this rare talent in him.

Nick Kyrgios

The 2003 US Open champion wished that he could have had the same skill set as Kyrgios when he was playing at his age.“For myself, I was finding a generational divide between myself and the guys I was trying to beat and I was trying to maximize,” Roddick said.

The American continued, “This could be completely selfish, but to see somebody like Nick, who I would go back and play my career in a second with what he is able to do with a tennis racket.’ I want more out of him because I care about the sport and because I certainly respect talent.”

Andy Roddick at Atlanta

Andy Roddick, 36 was present at the ATP 250 event in Atlanta for an exhibition match against his compatriot Robby Ginepri. Roddick was however defeated Ginepri 1-6, 6-2, 10-7 in an ebullient encounter.

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