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Andy Roddick’s most Unique Ace Ever

Andy Roddick’s most Unique Ace Ever

Andy Roddick

Former Tennis player Andy Roddick is considered to be one of the best servers in the Open Era.

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The winner of the 2003 US Open has had his serve as one of the biggest strengths in his playing days and in his day has had hit few of the fastest serves in the record books with many of his serves being recorded above 225 km/hr. His fastest serve has been recorded at 249 km/hr (155 miles/hr) and till 2011, it was the fastest serve recorded ever before Ivo Karlovic served at 251 km/hr in 2011 Davis Cup.

Here we bring one of those serves by Andy Roddick, which never left the service box after landing. The opponent was left stunned and the point was awarded to Andy Roddick. Have a look:



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