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Anil Kumble as ‘Advisor’ of Euro T20 Slam, ICC has “No Idea”

Anil Kumble as ‘Advisor’ of Euro T20 Slam, ICC has “No Idea”

Anil Kumble

In a surprising turn of events, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is reportedly not aware of the involvement of its own technical committee chairman, Anil Kumble, in the Euro T20 Slam.

Kumble, who is India’s highest wicket taker in Test matches, has signed up as an advisor for the T20 league organized by Cricket Ireland, Cricket Scotland and Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond(cricket board of Netherlands).

He was also hopeful that more Indian players could participate in the league and BCCI would allow them to do so.

“It will be good to see Indian cricketers participating in the various [T20] leagues in the future and hopefully BCCI will give NOC to more players,” he was quoted as saying.

But what can be rather awkward for the ICC is that the man who is supposed to keep an eye over the T20 tournaments for them has signed up for another league without their knowledge.

The Times of India (TOI) quoted a source saying, ““He [Kumble] may have followed the necessary protocols for all you know. But the thing is, the events monitoring group could’ve certainly benefited from the intelligence. They didn’t have an idea.”

ICC had formed the technical committee to keep an eye on the various T20 leagues around the World. With the rise of different T20 leagues around the world, ICC has to maintain the standard of cricket in the leagues and has to monitor them.

“Honestly, if something is not done about it, this could turn out to be pandemic in multiple ways. Nobody who is in charge of running these so called systems in place has an idea of who is behind the inception of these properties,” the TOI quoted a senior cricket executive as saying.

Anil Kumble, who has captained and coached the Indian team was made the chairman of the committee to look over the problems arising in T20 leagues around the world which are increasing in number.

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