Animal Crossing: All the Frozen DIY Items and Recipes in New Horizons and How to Get Them

December 12, 2020 4:05 am

Winter has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and players with islands in the Northern Hemisphere have lots to explore and indulge in throughout the season. With December in its second week, many of us have experienced light snow showers falling. But there are more noticeable changes to look forward to during the month.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori)

Starting December 11, heavy snow showers will become more common occurrences. Subsequently, the snowfall will settle on the grass, trees, buildings, and other structures, thus covering almost the entire island. This marks a major change in the island’s atmosphere and will last for the entirety of winter. Moreover, players will have new seasonal materials and DIY recipes to find.

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How to obtain large snowflakes from Snowboys and unlock DIY Recipes to craft exclusive winter-themed items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once the snow settles in, a seasonal material called snowflakes will become available, which you can use to craft all the DIY items from the Snowflake series. Besides that, two snowballs will continue to spawn on the island every day for the rest of winter until February 24.

These snowballs typically spawn at random locations. You can push and kick them along the ground until they grow big enough to merge and create a special character named Snowboy. Building a perfect Snowboy will reward you with more seasonal materials and DIY recipes.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori)

Doing that requires rolling a huge snowball for the character’s body. Meanwhile, the second one, used for his head, has to be approximately 90% of the size of the first. After you construct a perfect Snowboy with the two snowballs, he will present you with another crafting material called large snowflakes and a DIY recipe for a limited-time item from the Frozen series.

While large snowflakes are similar to regular snowflakes, creating a perfect Snowboy is the only way to acquire them. A Snowboy will last for four days, gradually shrinking in size each day before completely melting away. The good news is that you will receive a large snowflake from him every day until he disappears. Overall, you can find new snowballs every day, and a perfect Snowboy can hand over up to 4 large snowflakes.

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All the Frozen DIY furniture items and materials required to craft them

The DIY recipes Snowboy grants are for items from the Frozen furniture set, and you will require both the materials to craft each of them. There are 15 such ice-themed items available to craft using large and regular snowflakes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori)

The following is the list of all the Frozen DIY furniture items, including the materials required:

  • Frozen arch: 1 x large snowflake, 10 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen bed: 1 x large snowflake, 10 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen chair: 1 x large snowflake, 3 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen counter: 1 x large snowflake, 5 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen partition: 1 x large snowflake, 6 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen pillar: 1 x large snowflake, 3 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen sculpture: 1 x large snowflake, 4 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen table: 1 x large snowflake, 8 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen tree: 1 x large snowflake, 8 x regular snowflakes
  • Frozen treat set: 1 x large snowflake, 1 x regular snowflake
  • Ice flooring: 1 x large snowflake, 8 x regular snowflakes
  • Ice wall: 1 x large snowflake, 8 x regular snowflakes
  • Ice wand: 1 x large snowflake, 3 x star fragments
  • Snowperson head: 1 x large snowflake, 5 x regular snowflakes
  • Three-tiered snowperson: 1 x large snowflake, 6 x regular snowflakes, 2 x tree branches

Watch the video by YouTuber Mayor Mori for a detailed insight into the snowy season in New Horizons and everything it brings. The number of snowflakes required to craft each of these items might seem like a lot. However, there are plentiful opportunities and over two months to collect the seasonal crafting materials. Keeping hold of any spare materials or recipes for future use or trading with others is a good idea.

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