Animal Crossing: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Turkey Day in New Horizons

Published 11/26/2020, 7:25 PM EST

Turkey Day is finally here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after the winter update recently added new events for November and December. Players have a lot of cooking and a bit of prep work to do by participating in the event to acquire many limited-time items as rewards.


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YouTuber Mayor Mori‘s Turkey Day guide details everything that you need to know about the event, including the required ingredients and getting each one the exclusive rewards, along with a few tips and tricks.


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How Turkey Day works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It is November 26 today, and Franklin, the turkey special character, has arrived at the New Horizons island for the first time, kicking off an entirely new event. He is here to celebrate Turkey Day and host a massive feast in honor of Thanksgiving. Players of previous Animal Crossing games may know this event better as the Harvest Festival.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

Turkey Day is now live for players in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and it runs from 9 am through to midnight. The event runs for a single day, but the best part about it is that there are alternative ways to obtain the limited-time items even after Turkey Day is over.

Franklin has set up in the Resident Services front yard from 9 am on November 26. He will prepare four different dishes for the island’s residents. It is the player who will help him by delivering the required ingredients from around the islands.

To start with the event, simply approach Franklin. He will ask you to assist in locating the specific ingredients needed for each dish. After you gather them and hand them over to Franklin, he can begin cooking the dish. This will award you with a Turkey Day item from the new limited-time furniture set. The primary objective is to repeat this process for all four dishes, therefore unlocking new rewards along the way.

To make things more interesting, Franklin will ask for a secret ingredient after completing each dish to add an extra spark to it. Providing him with the suitable ingredient unlocks even more Turkey Day items. Moreover, the villagers will help you figure out the secret ingredients during the event.


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Villagers help in providing ingredients for the Turkey Day feast

The ingredients that Franklin requires come from around the islands, including pumpkins and several types of fish and deep-sea creatures. Franklin will tell you all the ingredients he needs for cooking a particular dish, except the secret ingredient.

It is important to note that some ingredients will be harder to find than others. If you provide the villagers with a suitable ingredient for their own cooking, they will trade one of the ingredients for Franklin’s dishes with you. Moreover, they will give certain clues for the secret ingredient for a particular dish.

Therefore, visiting and speaking with villagers inside their houses is a good alternative to track down the rare ingredients. Typically, the villagers will ask for different types of fish, which might vary for players in both hemispheres.

Turkey Day dishes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The four dishes that Franklin will need help cooking throughout the day include the following:

  • Clam chowder.
  • Pumpkin pie.
  • Gratin.
  • Fish meuniere.
(Image Credits: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

Each of these dishes has its own set of ingredients. Once you gather the correct ingredients needed for the current dish, deliver them to Franklin for cooking. He will then reward you with an exclusive Turkey Day item.

After the dish is fully prepared, Franklin will then ask for a secret ingredient to make it sparkle. Handing over the correct ingredient to him will earn you a bonus item. Repeat this process for all four dishes to collect a bunch of limited-time Turkey Day items.


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Regular and secret ingredients required for the Turkey Day dishes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

Now, some dishes use random ingredients as well as ones based on the player’s hemisphere. Here are all the ingredients required for all four dishes.

To cook the clam chowder, you need to give Franklin three manila clams. The secret ingredient to enhance this dish is a scallop.

You’ll need one orange pumpkin and either a randomly selected green, yellow, or white pumpkin for the pumpkin pie. The secret ingredient is two additional pumpkins that differ from the first two pumpkins handed over.

The next dish is a gratin. Northern Hemisphere players need one mussel and either an oyster or a round, flat, or skinny mushroom, selected at random. Meanwhile, Southern Hemisphere players will need a squid and a sea urchin. The secret ingredient for enhancing this dish in both hemispheres is a Dungeness crab.

Finally, you will need a sea bass and either a dab, an olive flounder, or a red snapper to cook the fish meuniere in the Northern Hemisphere. On the other hand, cooking the dish will require a sea bass and either an olive flounder or a red snapper in the Southern Hemisphere. A barred knifejaw is the secret ingredient for enhancing this dish in both hemispheres.

It is important to note that you should give Franklin the secret ingredient when he asks for it after the dish has been cooked. Otherwise, you may hand over the wrong ingredients at the start.

Rewards for completing the Turkey Day dishes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You will receive various Turkey Day furniture items, including a bonus item, for helping Franklin cook the dishes and handing over the secret ingredients correctly.

There are 12 different rewards available during the event, some of which are craftable. Here are all the DIY items and the materials required to craft those:

  • Turkey Day table setting –  4 clay, 2 iron nugget
  • Turkey Day wheat decor – 10 clumps of weeds
  • Turkey Day casserole – 5 iron nugget, 1 clay
  • Turkey Day table –  10 hardwood, 5 softwood
  • Turkey Day chair – 5 wood, 2 hardwood, 2 softwood
  • Turkey Day decorations – 2 softwood, 5 clumps of weeds, 2 clay
  • Turkey Day hearth – 1 campfire, 30 stone, 10 clay
  • Turkey Day garden stand – 8 stone, 3 clay

Meanwhile, the following are the non-craftable items and don’t have DIY recipes:

  • Turkey Day rug
  • Turkey Day wall
  • Turkey Day flooring
  • Cornucopia

These are exclusive items that you can only obtain from Franklin during the event. While certain items are awarded in a specific order, others are awarded randomly. Franklin will reward you with the four exclusive items in the order mentioned above for helping him cook all four recipes.

Furthermore, if you hand over the secret ingredients correctly for each dish, you’ll earn a randomly selected bonus item from the remaining Turkey Day furniture items. Besides that, if you complete all four dishes and get all four secret ingredients correct, Franklin will also give away a Cozy Turkey Day DIY recipe pack.

This pack includes eight recipes for the craftable and customizable Turkey Day items. It will transfer directly to your NookPhone, allowing you to craft them at a later date. However, this pack excludes the four items, which are only obtainable through the event itself by helping Franklin cook all four dishes.

You can get the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack without participating, and customization options


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Players can also learn the craftable DIY recipes without taking part in the event. The Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack gained from completing the event will also be available to purchase from Nook’s Cranny for 19,800 Bells the day after the event. Additionally, Turkey Day DIY items will also appear for sale at the seasonal slot in Nook’s Cranny for the rest of the month.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

Players can further customize a majority of the Turkey Day furniture items available from the event in New Horizons. Just like other furniture items, you need to head to a workbench with some customization kits.


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The default coloration of prizes earned from the event resembles autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, players in the Southern Hemisphere can customize their items into light green color. This is perfect for decorating during spring over there.

Overall, there is a lot to learn and earn from the Turkey Day event for Animal Crossing fans in both hemispheres.

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