Animal Crossing: How to Create a Perfect Snowboy in New Horizons and Earn DIY Rewards

December 13, 2020 11:41 am

Winter has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and players in the Northern Hemisphere have plentiful activities to take part in throughout the season. From December 11 onwards, snowfall will become a more common occurrence. The snow will cover almost the entire island, including buildings, grass, and trees. This will make the island’s atmosphere feel even more wintry.

Once the snow completely covers the ground, it will bring new seasonal features such as snowflakes and snowballs for players to experience. Snowflakes are one of the winter crafting materials, which spawn at random and float around the island, and are used to craft DIY items from the Snowflake series.

Two snowballs will also spawn randomly at a different location every day throughout winter. Players in the Northern Hemisphere can use them to create a special character named Snowboy, whom they will be meeting for the first time.

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Roll snowballs to create a Snowboy every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Building a Snowboy is pretty straightforward. First, you have to locate both the snowballs, which typically spawn next to each other in the open areas of your island. Kick them along the ground until they become big enough for your character to roll. After that, you can move them next to each other and merge them to create a Snowboy.

You can make a Snowboy in almost any shape or size. However, if you construct a perfect Snowboy with the correct size snowballs, he will gift you with another crafting material called large snowflakes and a DIY recipe for furniture items from the Frozen series. It’s important to note a few things regarding these snowballs.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

Building perfect Snowboys is all about making both snowballs of the right size. Rolling snowballs over areas with paths, patterns, or sand, will reduce its size and make it smaller. This is helpful when you have made the Snowboy’s head too big.

While you can easily kick and move snowballs around, they are quite fragile. Rolling one into the river or dropping them from a cliff will break it. Moreover, snowballs can roll faster over bridges or down inclined planes, and you risk breaking them by crashing them into things like trees. However, snowballs will spawn back in if you enter and exit a building.

Once created, Snowboys stick around for 4 days, gradually shrinking in size until they melt away. The good news is a perfect Snowboy will reward you with an additional large snowflake each day until he disappears. Therefore, it’s important to try building a perfect one every day to maximize the number of large snowflakes and Frozen DIY recipes you obtain.

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The best way to build the perfect Snowboy

A Snowboy is considered perfect when its head is 90% the size of its body, and YouTuber Mayor Mori showcased a couple of ways of getting the proportions correct in his video.

The most convenient method to build one is by laying a path 10-tiles wide using the construction app to guide you. Carefully roll the two snowballs along each end of the path until they appear to have stopped growing, and the villager is struggling to push them.

To make the Snowboy’s upper-half smaller, you can roll a maximum-sized snowball along the path over 10 tiles towards the other one. This will reduce the snowball’s size and then merge it with the body to construct the perfect Snowboy.

(Image Credits: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

There is another way to measure the snowball sizes using the in-game camera. Roll the snowball body until it’s roughly as tall as your character’s eyes, and the snowball head as high as the bottom of your character’s ears. This method also a good option to create a perfect Snowboy and earn a large snowflake and a DIY recipe.

Watch the video above to know everything about snowballs and creating the perfect Snowboy consistently. Keep an eye out for dung beetles, as they can often be found rolling the snowballs around the island. Winter will last until late February in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you will have plenty of opportunities to obtain all the seasonal materials and DIY recipes.

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