Animal Crossing: How to Get Ornaments in New Horizons and Craft Festive DIY Recipes

December 18, 2020 12:47 pm

With the holiday season in full swing, the following few weeks promise to be very exciting for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. Winter is underway for players in the Northern Hemisphere, and a range of interesting changes are visible on their islands.

Players have spotted heavy snow showers falling, and the snow has covered a major part of their islands. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere players are experiencing the warm summer for the first time since the game’s launch.

Irrespective of your region and hemisphere in New Horizons, the holiday festivities have arrived. As a result, brand new seasonal crafting materials and their corresponding DIY recipes have become available to collect.

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How to obtain ornaments from cedar trees and unlock DIY Recipes to craft exclusive festive-themed items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Beginning December 15 in both hemispheres, cedar trees become decked out with beautiful Christmas lights. It completely transforms the look of your island, making it feel even more festive. While not every single cedar tree will have lights on them, the decorated ones are the source for the new crafting material known as ornaments.

Ornaments act similar to autumn crafting materials such as acorns and pine cones. When you shake the cedar trees decorated with festive lights, they will drop the Christmas ornaments. These festive materials have three different types, including red ornaments, blue ornaments, and gold ornaments.

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However, unlike acorns and pine cones, the cedar trees don’t drop useless tree branches. Therefore, you can conveniently collect all the ornaments you need if you keep shaking these trees.

While ornaments have a random drop rate, the gold ones are slightly rarer and harder to find than the red and blue ones. There is no limit on the number of ornaments spawning from a single tree. Moreover, you can obtain a total of 14 ornaments in a 3×5 box around the tree each time when shaking both sides.

The Christmas ornaments will be available until January 6, which gives players plenty of time to find and collect as many as possible.

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All the festive DIY items and the materials required to craft

Using the different ornaments, you can craft limited-time festive items to celebrate the holiday season in New Horizons. However, you have to find and learn the corresponding DIY recipes first to craft the items.

As usual, Isabelle will hand over the first festive recipe for the ornament wreath to you during her morning announcement. Meanwhile, similar to other seasonal items, you can potentially unlock the rest of the DIY recipes by shooting down balloon presents floating across the sky frequently.

(Image Credit: Mayor Mori – YouTube)

There are 14 different festive-themed items available to craft using ornaments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The following is the list of all the festive DIY items, including the materials required:

Big festive tree: 6 x red ornament, 6 x blue ornament, 4 x gold ornament, 5 x wood, 5 x clay

Festive top set: 2 x gold ornament, 1 x hardwood

Smaller festive tree: 3 x red ornament, 3 x blue ornament, 2 x gold ornament, 5 x wood

Holiday candle: 5 x red ornament, 5 x clump of weeds

Illuminated present: 3 x red ornament, 4 x gold ornament, 3 x iron nugget

Illuminated reindeer: 6 x gold ornament, 5 x iron nugget

Jingle wall: 5 x red ornament, 5 x blue ornament, 5 x gold ornament, 5 x clay

Illuminated tree: 8 x red ornament, 8 x blue ornament, 6 x gold ornament, 6 x iron nugget

Ornament mobile: 1 x red ornament, 1 x blue ornament, 1 x gold ornament, 4 x tree branch

Illuminated snowflakes: 9 x blue ornament, 3 x iron nugget

Ornament wreath: 6 x blue ornament, 2 x gold ornament

Tabletop festive tree: 5 x gold ornament, 3 x tree branch, 2 x clay

Festive rug: 5 x red ornament, 5 x blue ornament, 5 x gold ornament

Festive wrapping paper: 1 x red ornament, 1 x blue ornament, 1 x gold ornament

The balloons are also dropping snowflake DIY recipes throughout winter. Therefore, it might take a little while to find the festive items, but you’ll eventually find them. Meanwhile, Jingle will gift you the recipe for the festive wrap on the day of the Toy Day event.

The number of ornaments required to craft each of these items might seem like a lot. However, there are plentiful opportunities and time to collect seasonal crafting materials. Keeping hold of any spare materials or recipes for future use or trading with others is a good idea.

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