Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Easiest Ways to Make More Money

August 30, 2020 5:16 pm

Animal Crossing: New Horizons exposes the players to a range of activities that fetch a lot of money. The game awards the players with bells, their in-game currency. These bells make it possible to purchase various artifacts that might hold a lot of value..

There is no simple way to win money. However, the activities that need to be completed aren’t that tough.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Completing the following activities fetch money

Catching and selling rare bugs and fishes

The inventory allows the players to carry a limited number of items. The best way to maximize space is by collecting rare bugs and fishes. These might not be available in abundance, but guarantee twice as much payout as common bugs.

Look out for red Snappers and Oarfish as they hold more value than a Sea Bass.

However, bugs don’t remain on the surface all year. And the ones that are available don’t guarantee a good price. However, Nintendo provides a hack here. Catch bugs and insects when it is raining, when there is a higher chance of attaining rare insects.

These rare insects can also be found in other players’ islands. So, don’t shy away from spending money and traveling to other islands to catch monumental critters.

Planting money trees and looking for money rocks

Planting a money tree is a tested way of earning a good amount of bells. While exploring their islands, the players can find glowing spots that can be dug to recover 1,000 bells. But that’s not it.

These bells can be planted here to grow money trees. These trees bloom in a couple of days and shower thousands of bells.

There is one rock on the players’ island every day that will give out money. This rock needs to be hit in rapid succession to maximize output. If this process is successful, the players earn over 16,000 bells.

There is another reason why traveling to other islands is a successful venture. The possibility of coming across distinct islands with a range of interesting features is pretty high. These islands could have all rocks that spawn bells or a complete grove of money trees. Perseverance and patience are the key phrases here.

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Crafted items sell for double the value of materials in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A range of different materials can be collected while roaming around the island. This includes crafting material. Crafted material can be stored in the inventory and sold later.

But more money can be extracted by selling finished goods and crafted items. These account for more money as they require effort and collecting DIY recipes, a task in itself too.

Hot items for the day on the island changes frequently. These hot items can be crafted and sold to Timmy and Tommy, who offer a fair deal for them.

The players can complete these activities every day and it is a faultless way of earning extra money. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will also witness its first major seasonal change in September. Most of the critters in the Northern Hemisphere will be visible for the first time and can be caught and sold for a good profit.

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