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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Hidden Tips and Tricks to Try in Your Island

Published 03/27/2021, 11:28 AM EDT

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Animal Crossing New Horizons turned one about a week ago, and it is one of the most popular games in the world. Nintendo has sold over 31 million units of the title, and the number keeps on growing. With such a large player base, the community has found almost every trick, glitch or bug they can use to improve their island. But there are still some tricks that a lot of players don’t know about that are worth trying out.

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Secret Songs and Predicting Weather in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Players with a high enough island rating can unlock K.K. Slider, the canine musician. The dog performs a concert in the evening every Saturday that the players can join in on and enjoy. Players can enjoy his music on the stereo or any tape-decks by registering the unlocked tracks in the music library.

To unlock any song, players can buy them from the Nook Stop Terminal or request them during his concert. But there are some secret songs that players can only unlock by requesting K.K. to play them. These secret songs include Drivin’, Animal City and Farewell.


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Players can predict the weather forecast for their island by watching TV at a specific time. If players turn on the TV at 6:15 AM, 7:45 AM and 11:45 AM, then they can know about the weather for the current day. By turning on the TV at 6:30 PM and 10:45 PM, players can see the weather forecast for the next day. They can use this feature to plan for the upcoming day and do weather-specific events such as catching fish during the rain and many more.

DIY Recipes and Reactions, Secret Hairstyle and Pascal


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Players in Animal Crossing know about the eight unique personalities the various villagers posses. These include Lazy, Jock, Smug and Cranky personalities for the boys and Normal, Peppy, Sisterly and Snooty personalities for the girls. Each personality type will provide a different DIY Recipe and also unlock different reactions. So while finding new villagers, it is always better to unlock one of each type to ensure that the players unlock all the DIY recipes and reactions.

There are 36 different hairstyles players can unlock in New Horizons. However, there is a secret hairstyle that players can get by staying away from the game for a long time. Players who haven’t logged in to the game for a while or have time-traveled to a later date can see their character sport a very messy mop as their hairstyle. It becomes normal after some time, but by doing this players have now unlocked this hairstyle and they can now change it by checking the mirror.

There is also a very cute Easter Egg of Pascal, the red Otter whom you can find in the Deep Sea. Pascal will always approach players who find a scallop from the deep sea and ask them to trade for it. After giving the scallop, players can follow him to see the otter trying to break it before he gobbles up the entire thing.


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These are some very cool tricks and cute moments that players can now try out and improve their experience in New Horizons.

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