Animal Crossing New Horizons: Sanrio Collaboration Introduces Hello Kitty and Hints at 6 New Villagers

January 27, 2021 7:36 pm

Animal Crossing New Horizons recently dropped a trailer for the upcoming free update. The update drops on January 28 and brings Pavé to the island. He will set the mood for the Festivale that takes place on February 15, and players can have fun celebrating with friends. In the minute-long trailer, Nintendo showed how colorful and festive the island will get once the update arrives. At the end of this trailer, Nintendo also announced the timeline for the upcoming Mario update. The Italian plumber comes hopping onto islands during March. However, a recent tweet from Nintendo reveals that it has a lot more planned for the March update. Starting March 26, the Japanese company introduces Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing New Horizons. These are in collaboration with Sanrio, another Japanese company home to many popular animated characters, including Hello Kitty. There are a total of 6 cards based on 6 different characters. All these characters also appeared in New Leaf and brought them a set of furniture and items. According to SwitchForce on YouTube, once these cards release, there is a huge possibility that they could show up in New Horizons as well. This could mean 6 new kawaii villagers for the game and a variety of new items. All this for a price of just $6.99.

Nintendo left stuff out from the January update trailer for Animal Crossing New Horizons

The trailer doesn’t talk about much except for announcing Pavé’s arrival and the Festivale date. However, the update isn’t as sad and mundane as it sounds. With Valentine’s day arriving, Animal Crossing New Horizons wants to make sure players get the message out to their special someone. Apart from all the various feathers that players can catch on their islands after this update, Nintendo’s Japanese site reveals much more. According to a rough translation from Google, Setsubun and Valentine’s themed items arrive in the game. There is a heart-shaped chocolate box for the love day theme and a heart rose bouquet too. To make things better, according to Nintendo, these items will change colors and styles everyday. The January update is much more loaded than it appeared in the trailer. Moreover, Animal Crossing New Horizons has a lot lined up for future updates, including many collaborations.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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