Animal Crossing: New Horizons: September to Bring Heaps of New Additions

August 29, 2020 6:55 pm

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming with an update this September. Along with the monthly updates that players have received so far, the game will have a plethora of seasonal changes.

Both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres will have changes in the weather, starting September. Summer will end in the Northern hemisphere, giving way to Fall. And Winter will conclude in the Southern Hemisphere, leading to Spring.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: The changes we will see from September

The following month will mark a major change, as this will be the first instance of a seasonal change. Staying true to fall and spring, the devs have decided to bring in changes to the flora and fauna. In the Northern hemisphere, summertime flowers will not bloom, and there will be a marked absence of familiar critters until the change of the season next year.

Acorns and Pine Cones

September will bring with itself a range of new seasonal crafting materials, which will be available throughout the island. Players will get their hands on Acorns and Pine Cones if they shake the trees on their island for a bit longer than usual. These can be used to craft different seasonal items through seasonal DIY recipes.

The items that can be crafted include the Acorn Pochette bag, the Balancing Toy, the Pine Bonsai Tree and the Yellow Leaf Pile.

However, this change is only limited to the Northern Hemisphere as players in the Southern Hemisphere got hold of these items when the game launched.


The trees, the bushes and the leaves will change to lively fall colors.

The red and yellow Hibiscus bushes will stop flowering. As a result, this will be a good time to plant new variants that will be within easy reach, for example yellow and orange Tea Olives.

Other Seasonal items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Players are excited for the Grape Harvest Basket, which is a cute and ravishing wearable backpack that will be available at the Nook Stop. The backpack marks the celebration of grape harvests, and the bag is a nod to the products they are used to make. The harvest basket will be available worldwide, though the concept is traditionally European.

New critters

Though loads of fishes and bugs will draw the curtain by the end of this month, a whole new batch of critters will proceed to the players’ islands.

Moreover, as this is the first major seasonal change in the game, most of them will be available for the first time. Fishing, no doubt, will get more exciting. Fishes such as Pikes, Cherry Salmon, and Golden Trout will be available in good numbers.

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The Nooks Cranny Store

The Nooks Cranny Store gets a redecoration whenever there is a change in season, with new patterns and polished details both inside and outside the store.

Timmy and Tommy will be in charge of changing the decoration themes, which will represent fall and Halloween. There will be a pumpkin display and mushroom silhouettes on the doors.

The coming months, for sure, are very exciting. The game will see a complete makeover in terms of visual display. Nintendo might announce more updates as the days get closer and provide more intricate details.

Until then, make sure to catch all the remaining bugs and fishes for this season. They won’t be available until next year.


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