Animal Crossing New Horizons Shop Update Adds Items to Set the Christmas Theme

December 15, 2020 11:57 pm

Winter is already here and Christmas is just around the corner. As games start preparing for the snowfall and the gifts, Animal Crossing New Horizons is not one to lag behind in such matters.

The soon-to-be most popular game on Nintendo Switch has already gotten a theme update for winters in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the developers have also updated the shop for players to buy souvenirs. Therefore, there are winter-themed items available in the Nook shopping catalog for a limited time only.

For the players in the Northern Hemisphere, there are two new items in the shop. These will stay in the shop till December 31 only.

Don an ugly sweater as Christmas comes to Animal Crossing New Horizons

The first item to come to the Nook Shopping catalog is a wallpaper. Inspired by the aurora borealis or the beautiful northern lights, the Aurora wall will cost 7,000 bells. Now, players can reminisce this winter and Christmas any time of the year.

Credit: Animal Crossing World

The second item featured in the shop is the midwinter sweater. The sweater design has cute little reindeer all over. The midwinter sweater on the other hand costs 1200 bells.

Players can find both these items under the seasonal tab in the Nook Shopping catalog. Moreover, this is only a minor part of the Christmas update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. The major update arrives on December 24 as Nintendo releases Toy Day to officially celebrate the festival of joy.

All these updates will also arrive for players in the Southern Hemisphere once they experience winters. Till then, they have the exclusive Summer Solstice items to enjoy. Given the limited-time nature of these items, grab these before they disappear from the shop.

Get ready to take some wonderful pictures with your home matching the winter theme outside. Greet villagers flaunting your midwinter sweater. Most importantly, enjoy the Christmas spirit while it lasts on your island as we head over to the new year.

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