Animal Crossing: New Horizons: The Onset of the Winter Update Has Tweaked the Ability to Go Forward in Time

November 20, 2020 5:53 pm

The subsequent weeks are going to be full of surprises for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. The much-awaited winter update is finally here, and some updates are already available. Others, however, will gradually sink in as the festive season comes closer.

Players will be able to partake in the Turkey Day celebrations (aligns with Harvest Festival) starting on November 26. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also making their way to the game in the form of Toy Day, the celebration of which will commence on December 24.

The island, too, will undergo a festive change. Festive clothing will be available, allowing the players to collect seasonal DIY recipes and ornaments.

The updates already available include new hairstyles and reactions for the players. More importantly, the players for long have hoped for an update that would allow them to transfer saved data from one Switch console to another. The players can rejoice as Nintendo has finally made it possible!

Animal Crossing: New horizons bringing in some changes with time travel

Like every update, this one too comes with several tweaks. Nintendo has made minor changes to the ability to travel forward in time. This feature has been available since the beginning of the series, but players stand divided on the benefits of its use.

While the players can still use the feature, they can no longer travel forward in time. Prior to this, several players could enjoy the Halloween update before it had kicked off for the other players by adjusting their island clock.

Alas, this is no longer possible, as the players can’t trigger major seasonal events ahead of time. But the players can go back in time to enjoy the events they missed out on or can simply relive these events.

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This is a welcome tweak for the players who find it difficult to manage time to enjoy all updates. They can simply alter the clock of their island and can enjoy the update at a time convenient for them.

Even though it is possible, it might not feel the same as not everyone would be excited about it. Moreover, we don’t quite know whether the players will get hold of critters or the DIY recipes available in the previous updates.

Like every other update, the players will get familiar with this one too, with time. Stay tuned for more news on the same!

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