Animal Crossing New Horizons: Top Setups Players Used to Watch the Super Bowl LV

February 8, 2021 9:20 pm

The Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing New Horizons really broadens the creative horizons of many people. In various instances, people have designed their islands or houses based on trendy themes. While holiday themes such as Christmas and Halloween are the most popular, many other events inspire players.

One of the biggest events to take place recently was the Super Bowl LV. The NFL’s final is the most-watched sporting event worldwide and is no less than a festival for Americans.

It only made sense to Animal Crossing New Horizons fans to join in on celebrating this festival. Therefore, building up to the event, and even after that, many ACNH players resigned their islands or homes for the Super Bowl LV.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons players watch the Super Bowl LV with their villagers

A lot of the designs that players made resembled a watching party for the event. Like people who prefer watching such events in the living room with friends and family, ACNH players had a blast with their villagers.

The basic theme included the use of football-related items such as the pigskin rug and the megaphone. There was also a lot of food for everyone to enjoy while watching their favorite players score touchdowns.

Some also dressed their characters and the villagers in sports jerseys and sometimes even helmets to have them ready to cheer for their favorite side.

Some people went a step ahead and recreated their own stadium with the audience and the ground to make the experience even more immersive.

Designing islands and houses is the favorite pastime of Animal Crossing New Horizons players. They love to share it with friends and hang out together on each other’s islands. Fans can head over to Twitter and search with the #AnimalCrossing and the #SuperBowl to find more designs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Kansas City Chiefs as Tom Brady clinches his 7th Super Bowl

The Buccs won their 4th Super Bowl, defeating the Chiefs with a record performance. Quarterback Tom Brady stepped up with an outstanding performance as he got the MVP in the 31-9 victory.

Many records were set and various others broken, even by the losing side in the NFL’s thrilling final. The Super Bowl LV got massive support from the gaming community as Nadeshot, Nickmercs, Dr. Disrespect, and Ninja made an appearance.

Further, The Weekend’s Blinding Lights was the icing on the cake for an already perfect and exciting event.

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