Animal Crossing Now Lets You Visit Random Dreams And Visit The Official Nintendo Island

November 22, 2020 11:13 pm

The latest Winter Update in Animal Crossing: New Horizon has brought plenty of exciting new elements in the game. One of the notable mentions of this update is the new Island Transfer tool feature that helps you transfer your island to a new Nintendo Switch device. However, there is yet another interesting new feature that devs have added to the game with this new update.

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You can now ask Luna to create random dreams for you!

Those who play the game are pretty much acquainted with the feature of visiting dreams. Basically, what you need to is select the “Yeah I want to sleep…” option while you are lying on your bed in your house (in-game, we mean).

Before the Winter update, players had to ask the character Luna (who appears after you fall asleep in-game) to take them to a specific dream using a dream address. In addition to this, players could revisit a dream as well.

However, the latest update has introduced yet another option you can use with Luna. Now, you can ask Luna to whip up a random dream for you just by selecting the option “Surprise me“. The official Twitter handle for the game recently posted a Tweet announcing this new feature.

You can visit the official Nintendo Island in your dreams on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Speaking of navigating through dreams, this is an interesting new location that Nintendo has added as a part of the latest update.

The official Nintendo Island is here, folks! And you can visit it anytime in your dreams! No, that is not an insult, meaning to make it seem like you are not worthy of visiting the island. We mean you can only visit the island in your dreams in the game.

You will have to follow the same procedure as you do while visiting a specific dream in the game. When you meet Luna after you have fallen asleep, just enter the dream address 6382-1459-4417. This will take you to the official Nintendo Island. Some of the players have already visited this island and posted pictures of their ‘dream’ vacation.

So, what are you waiting for? Go pay the island a little visit, or explore a random dream!

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