Animal Crossing: What the Duck is Wrong With the Villagers in New Horizons

Published 11/29/2020, 10:25 AM EST

The consensus around Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that of a cute game in which you can’t do anything wrong. But the title, over the past few months, has also exposed its flip side.


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New Horizons is probably one of the finest entries in the franchise’s history. Both adults and kids spend countless hours creating unique island designs.

The players can also earn Nook miles by completing objectives. These allow players to design a plethora of interesting items that can again be sold for a hefty price.


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While all that is good fun, many players feel that unlike the other entries in the franchise, New Horizons’ villagers are stale and boring. True, the set of activities that the players can achieve are unexampled, but the villagers’ contribution to fulfilling these has been challenged.

Yet, sometimes these villagers say the oddest and unexpected things, forcing the players to take a breather.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are not as cheerful as you think

It is safe to assume that the villagers in New Horizons are all warm and welcoming. Well, that’s true for the most part, but players have documented encountering villagers with a rather eccentric personalities.

New Horizons dialogue screenshot discovered! from r/ac_newhorizons

For those who don’t know, Bill is a villager who is a duck. Many players have spotted him quacking around the island directionless. Players have admitted they spotted him offering ducks for free. Yes, you read that right. A duck in the game is giving the players a chance to purchase 458 other ducks.

It’s as disturbing as the players in the game owning 458 other players. Just this thought is enough to make the players stop and think about Bill’s motives in the game. Contact Animal Control, perhaps?

Chrissy’s disturbing take on basements from r/AnimalCrossing

When we mention the motives of the villagers on our islands, let’s not forget to add Chrissy to the list. The players know her as a sweet, welcoming villager who wanders around with a small briefcase of sorts. However, several players have had pretty disturbing encounters with her.

What happens in Chrissy’s basement remains in Chrissy’s basement, it seems. The agility with which she corrected her sentence makes the players think of the activities the villagers enroll themselves in. Looks can certainly deceive, eh?


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This one’s more sad than disturbing. Many players have often found Deli making contact with other villagers on the island. But the aforementioned conversation not only breaks the fourth wall but also points to a sad reality.

One, it leaves the player sad because the animal villagers think of themselves as computer-generated figures who exist to keep us entertained. Two, it reminds the players that Animal Crossing is just a game and the interactions aren’t real as opposed to the central idea of the game.


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Let us know in the comments section if you have encountered any other eccentric villagers while exploring your islands?


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