Animator Showcases 2018 F1 Season in a Hilarious Manner

December 19, 2018 1:05 am

The 2018 Formula One season brought forth several hilarious transcriptions of the team radio. Recently, animator, Nick Murray Willis used the sound bytes of the various F1 teams and spun them in an amusing manner. He used them to describe numerous mundane activities performed by the average person, except with the radio bytes acting as commentary.

These activities ranged from putting a child to bed to someone playing with their pet dog. In fact, Willis did not limit himself to the team radio, but also used the race commentary as well. In all honesty, it was an absolute riot. The video referenced moments like Grosjean blaming Ericsson for the former’s crash in Azerbaijan, Ricciardo’s excited celebrations, Mercedes telling Lewis Hamilton to get in the pits and many more.

Apparently, the Formula One Twitter account thought so too so they couldn’t help sharing the video.

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