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Antonio Giovinazzi Loses a Bet and Pays the Price

Antonio Giovinazzi Loses a Bet and Pays the Price

Sometimes, sportspersons like to place friendly wagers in order to push themselves to perform better. In the case of Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi declared that if he scored his first points, the team could cut his hair.

Then, in Austria, Giovinazzi was able to achieve that elusive points place, with 10th in Austria. However, that meant that he had to make good of his promise, and team boss, Frederic Vasseur made sure of it.

What followed next was the Italian driver running around the garage, chased by his team boss with a pair of scissors. In the end, the chase was short as the crew caught him and Vasseur cut off a lock of his signature long hair.

On a more serious note, it was great to see Antonio Giovinazzi finally come into his own and earn well-deserved points.

The Italian said, “I feel so good, finally. This one was also difficult, Perez was behind me all race, gave a lot of pressure.”

“I wanted really bad this point and I give 105 percent, and I think it was the maximum we could do, McLaren was just too fast today.”

“But yeah, two cars in the points, we need to be really happy, we need to keep working this way and I’m sure it’s the right way, so we just need to keep pushing.”

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