Apex Legends 10 Skills To Survive Season 5

June 3, 2020 8:25 pm

Apex Legends has really turned on the heat with their new season. When all hope seemed lost and the game seemed to have reached a gradual death, Respawn decided to spice things up. With a new legend as well as a kickass backstory, Apex Legends is back in the scene. 

Loba is officially here, and players cannot get enough of her. From instant teleportation to smooth market skills, this one has got all the good stuff. It would be a brilliant initiative to list the top 10 tips that one needs. 

This list will consist of the best tips for Season 5. With a new battle pass and a new legend, the opportunities are infinite. There is also a precise balance that has been created since the original character was added. To figure out this meta, one has to keep practicing the game. 

Top 10 tips of Season 5 Apex Legends

1. Let’s start with Loba and her disappearing skill. This is facilitated by the bracelet she wears. While the bracelet can be a problem since it’s visible, we have to learn to use it smartly. Loba’s bracelet has its own animation; our target should be to throw it well. Remember, a safe throw means a safer exit. Try to throw it behind trees; most importantly, search for effective cover.

2. Using the teleporter to access high ground in any firefight. This now only allows Loba to make opponents lose their wits, but also gives you a tactical advantage. While you might surprise the enemy, make sure to always see where you are throwing. Usually, in a firefight, this needs time to develop.

3. Loba’s flexibility and exploiting the map design – with several cavities in the buildings. The best way to address a fight or flight situation is to embrace it head-on. Loba has the advantage of choosing to fight or jump to a specific hidden location. Her bracelet can fit in through any of the open windows in the buildings. This helps her to run away from or into a fight with the element of surprise. 

4. Playing with Loba allows you to be privy to loot before others. This automatically works in your favor to spot out people. In case you have seen the specific loot, and it suddenly disappears, you know where to hunt. 

5. Loba’s ultimate can be used as a block. We are guessing the developers will look at this. As of now, Loba’s ultimate, when deployed in front of a door, can hold it closed for a while. In that time, players can sneak in from behind and finish the trapped opponent. 

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Other exploits which can be used

6. In quest mode, try to take Caustic. His gas weapons give a considerable advantage over the hounds. In fact, he has been one of the top Legends in quest mode. 

7. Mirage’s ultimate ability can be used to fool the opponent. While this ability is more about running away from the situation, it can be used differently. For instance, moving around or oscillating can create an illusion. This confuses the opponent. 

8. Caustic’s gas barrels have emerged as one of the finest exploits in the game. Characters can hide inside the barrels to avoid minimal damage and jump back out to attack. It might not be very effective, but it certainly is being used a lot now.

9. Using Wraith’s quick movement – using this technique takes a while. However, when successfully implemented, it confuses the enemy. Most of it has to do with going the same path you came from or doubling back. This unnerves the enemy and forces them to cause a mistake. 

10. Similar to Loba’s staff, Caustic’s gas barrels can hold the door. Nevertheless, this stops the free flow and mobility of teammates as well. It’s not really a recommended move for teams centering around Caustic. However, it sometimes does pull off the impossible. 

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