Apex Legends: A Guide For The Sixth Hunt In The Broken Ghost Quest

June 25, 2020 2:41 am

The launch of Apex Legends Season 5 in May introduced players to the first-ever season quest, The Broken Ghost. Players have to go on weekly PvE missions called hunts, to retrieve artifacts that are pieces of a mysterious relic. Completing the hunt unlocks a weekly story chapter for the quest.

The sixth hunt, dubbed The Pit, recently went live, succeeding last week’s hunt, The Gauntlet. After digging up another mysterious artifact and making an escape, players get to read the sixth story chapter, The Oblivious Mole, which follows up the events from the previous chapter, The Lying Liar.

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The sixth hunt in Apex Legends Season 5 quest: The Pit

The dropship takes players to the northwest corner of Kings Canyon and launches them. From there, players have to travel 100 meters to The Pit and will have 8 minutes to complete the objective of digging up the artifact. The loadout will consist of a Flatline, an EVA-8 Auto, a thermite grenade, a common armor, and some basic healing items. Players can choose any legend for the hunt, except Lifeline, since she assists players during the mission.

As usual, players will encounter some Prowlers on their way to The Pit. Players will have access to 2 supply crates containing syringes, shield cells, a shield battery, a thermite grenade, a backpack, and a blue body armor. Killing the Prowlers will drop some more ammo, so fighting the initial wave of the creatures will be convenient.

After reaching The Pit, additional ammo and healing items, including a phoenix kit, are scattered around the drill, which sits at the center of the location. However, once a player begins the process of artifact extraction by deploying the drill, things could get sweaty. Players will have to encounter a horde of aggressive Prowlers. The creatures could overwhelm players by their sheer numbers if they remain static for too long or don’t kill the creatures timely.

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Escaping the hunt and rewards

However, to ease the situation, Lifeline will send in a supply drop with sweet high-tier loot. The loot consists of fully stacked gold Mastiff and Spitfire, as well as purple body armor. It will come in handy to combat the menacing Prowlers. After the digging process is over, players need to retrieve the artifact and make a speedy escape, as usual.

The dropship will be at a distance of 160 meters from The Pit, and players will have over a minute to make it there. Expect another overwhelming horde of menacing Prowlers, while escaping. One should simply focus on getting to the dropship as quickly as possible, and use the fully stacked gold weapons to fend off the nasty creatures. Once a player reaches the dropship, that’s it. All the objectives are complete.

This week’s artifact is called Scomp Housing, another part of the mysterious relic. The artifact provides encryption/decryption services to downstream parts that had passed authorization, according to the in-game description.

After completing the hunt, players receive an epic weapon charm, Carnelian, and also unlock the sixth story chapter for the quest, The Oblivious Mole.

Check out Raynday Gaming’s video linked above for a walkthrough of the hunt.

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