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Apex Legends: Aftermarket Event Brings Cross-Play, Cosmetics, and Other Changes

Published 10/06/2020, 1:54 PM EDT

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The highly anticipated Aftermarket Collection Event for Apex Legends is finally here. Starting today, October 6, the battlefield’s action is intensifying with the exciting additions the event brings for the next two weeks.

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Fans were taken by surprise after the new update hit the live servers a few hours before the intended schedule. The patch is live on all platforms, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Players have lots of new content to experience, including an all-new LTM, decked out event-limited cosmetics, and of course, cross-play, among other changes.


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Cross-play beta and a brand new Flashpoint LTM in Apex Legends

While Aftermarket features a range of exciting additions in the form of Flashpoint, tons of rewards, Caustic’s Heirloom, and more, the inception of cross-play in Apex is the talk of the town.

The Apex community had long requested cross-play. Finally, with access to the most-awaited feature, players can now jump into matches with friends on other platforms. During Aftermarket, while players test the cross-play functionality at scale in beta release, Respawn will collect data and listen to feedback.


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Meanwhile, the new Flashpoint LTM changes how players heal, with all healing items removed from the Kings Canyon map. Instead, massive zones around the map called Flash Points will regenerate player health and shields.

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Aftermarket Collection Event cosmetics and rewards

Like previous collection events, the Aftermarket brings another set of 24 limited-time cosmetic items to the store. Some legendary skins include “Wired for Speed” for Wattson or “Void Prowler” for Wraith. Octane, Gibraltar, and Revenant, Caustic have their legendary skins too.

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Collecting all the 24 cosmetic items will unlock the latest addition to the heirloom pool, Caustic’s Death Hammer. It is a sledgehammer filled with Nox spelling trouble for opponents who come close.

Apart from that, there are free skins up for grabs as well. By completing the new event’s challenge track, players can earn free rewards, including skins like Bangalore’s “Blue Chipped” or “Performance Boost” for the Hemlok AR.


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Legend and Weapon meta and some other changes

The update also incorporated adjustments to legends such as Rampart, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Wraith, Crypto, and Loba. Among them, the changes for Pathfinder and Wraith were the most significant.

While Wraith’s sprinting animation is more uptight now and exposes a larger area of her body to gunfire, the cooldown for Pathfinder’s grapple is now based on the distance traveled. Meanwhile, weapons such as Devotion, Triple Take, and Spitfire received balancing changes as well.


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The update also included several interesting Quality of Life changes like Loot Prompts, Performance Display, Anonymous Mode, and more. Lastly, several bug fixes were also implemented. Overall, the Aftermarket patch has brought not only exciting content but also some much-requested features and changes.

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