Apex Legends Deploys Hotfix for Troublesome Fight Night Ring Exploit

January 9, 2021 4:27 am

Apex Legends launched the highly anticipated Fight Night Collection event earlier this week. The update introduced new cosmetics, a takeover-style game mode, and a slew of other changes. One of the most enticing features of the latest update is the Pathfinder Town Takeover, which set up a fighting arena on the Olympus map.

The location has quickly become popular among players as it allows them to brawl against each other in hand-to-hand combat. A force field shields the boxing ring from outside projectiles and grenades. Once players enter the ring, they get to fight using melee attacks only and without weapons and abilities.

(Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Apex Legends)

This was something never seen before in the game, and an entirely new concept for Apex fans. However, shortly after the event went live, players uncovered a troublesome bug that enabled them to use weapons inside the boxing ring.

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Apex Legends deploys hotfix for weapons inside the Fight Night ring and other Pathfinder Town Takeover related issues

Many clips began circulating on social platforms, which show players encountering the unusual glitch that let them use weapons at the new Town Takeover location while their adversaries could only use their fists. This exploit completely undid the purpose of keeping players safe inside the ring by disabling the guns.

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Besides this pesky bug, multiple players have reported disruptive issues, including disconnects and game crashes after the Fight Night event went live. While the innovative gameplay additions made with the update were well-received, the numerous issues it generated marred the overall gameplay.

Whenever a significant patch incorporates a bunch of fresh content into a game, it often gives rise to new bugs that manage to seep through the development process. However, the devs at Respawn are known for responding quickly to address the issues bothering Apex Legend players.

Respawn recently informed on Twitter they have deployed a backend fix to resolve an array of bugs and errors related to Pathfinder Town Takeover. This includes the exploit that allowed players to bring guns into the Fight Night boxing ring.

We don’t know the specific issues addressed by the hotfix yet. But it should disable the use of weapons inside the ring, once and for all. Players can now go back meleeing it out in the Pathfinder-themed arena in true Fight Night fashion.

Meanwhile, the Fight Night collection event will last until January 19. It’s a good window of opportunity to acquire the desired skins and unlock the Gibraltar Heirloom.

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